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SHOFER Race Driver - the ultimate racing game for PC - download and challenge the kings of street

SHOFER Race Driver: A Racing Game Set in the Middle East

If you are looking for a racing game that offers a unique setting, realistic physics, and diverse gameplay modes, then you might want to check out SHOFER Race Driver. This game is developed and published by Zhoori Maang Entertainment, an independent studio based in Iran. SHOFER Race Driver takes you deep into the Middle East, where you can drive real cars on real tracks, and enjoy some local music along the way. In this article, we will review the features, system requirements, and download links of SHOFER Race Driver, and answer some frequently asked questions about the game.

shofer race driver pc download

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What is SHOFER Race Driver?

SHOFER Race Driver is a racing genre video game that was released in 2015 for PC. The game features various types of races, such as speed challenges, drag races, and tournaments, where you can compete against other drivers or against the clock. You can also customize your cars with different liveries and control options. The game has a career mode, where you can unlock new vehicles and tracks by participating in series of races and defeating the kings of street for each event type discipline. You can also play a quick race mode, where you can freely choose cars and race them in a race day you've created.

Why should you play SHOFER Race Driver?

SHOFER Race Driver is a game that offers a unique experience for racing fans. Unlike most racing games that are set in Europe, America, or Asia, SHOFER Race Driver takes you to the Middle East, where you can explore the culture and scenery of countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. The game also features real cars from brands like Peugeot, Renault, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, and more. The tracks are also based on real locations, such as Tehran, Istanbul, Baghdad, Damascus, and more. The game also has some local music tracks that add to the atmosphere of the game.

Another reason to play SHOFER Race Driver is the gameplay variety and challenge. The game has different modes of racing, such as speed challenges, drag races, and tournaments, each with its own rules and objectives. You can also choose from different difficulty levels and turn on or off the rubber band AI feature, which adjusts the performance of the other cars according to your position in the race. The game also has realistic physics and graphics, which make the driving experience more immersive and enjoyable.

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Features of SHOFER Race Driver

Career Mode

SHOFER Tournament

The career mode of SHOFER Race Driver is called SHOFER Tournament. In this mode, you can unlock new vehicles and new race tracks by beating a series of tournaments. Each tournament consists of several stages held at various locations and tracks. Placing in an event on the tournament will earn you points. You can complete all the events on a tournament to earn enough points to win the tournament. You will also unlock new tracks and vehicles with every win and king of a tournament.

A race organization starts with one tournament Speed King

Another mode in the career mode is Speed King. In this mode, you have to challenge and defeat the kings of street for each event type discipline. The kings of street are the best drivers in each category, such as speed, drag, and drift. You have to beat them in a one-on-one race to earn their respect and their cars. You can also unlock new tracks by beating the kings of street.

Drag King

The third mode in the career mode is Drag King. In this mode, you have to compete in drag races, which are short and straight races that test your acceleration and shifting skills. You have to time your shifts perfectly to gain speed and beat your opponents. You can also customize your car's performance and appearance in this mode.


Multi user and Multilingual GUIs and dialogues

SHOFER Race Driver allows you to customize your user interface and dialogue language according to your preference. You can choose from different languages, such as English, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, and more. You can also create multiple user profiles and save your progress separately.

My stuff

In the My stuff section, you can view and manage your garage, where you can see all the cars that you have unlocked or bought. You can also sell or buy cars from other drivers or from the market. You can also see your statistics, such as your wins, losses, money, points, and trophies.

Visual tuning

In the visual tuning section, you can customize the appearance of your cars with different liveries, colors, decals, rims, spoilers, hoods, bumpers, and more. You can also adjust the height, width, and angle of your car's parts to suit your style.

Rubber Band AI

SHOFER Race Driver features a rubber band AI system, which means that the performance of the other cars will change depending on your position in the race. If you are ahead of them, they will speed up and catch up with you. If you are behind them, they will slow down and let you catch up with them. This feature makes the races more dynamic and challenging, as you have to constantly watch out for your rivals and maintain your lead.

Semi-Arcade game play with nitro support

SHOFER Race Driver has a semi-arcade game play style, which means that it is not too realistic or too unrealistic. It has a balance between simulation and arcade elements, making it accessible and fun for both casual and hardcore gamers. The game also has a nitro support feature, which allows you to boost your speed by pressing a button. You can use nitro to overtake your opponents or escape from them.

Realistic suspension and tire model

SHOFER Race Driver has a realistic suspension and tire model, which means that the game simulates the behavior of the car's suspension and tires on different surfaces and conditions. The game also has a damage system, which affects the performance and appearance of your car. You can see scratches, dents, broken windows, and smoke coming out of your car when you crash or hit something.

Keyboard - Game pad and mouse input controllers support

SHOFER Race Driver supports various input controllers for playing the game. You can use a keyboard, a game pad, or a mouse to control your car. You can also customize the controls according to your preference.

Special Kurdish music tracks

SHOFER Race Driver features some special Kurdish music tracks that add to the atmosphere of the game. The music tracks are composed by Kurdish artists and singers, such as Shahram Nazeri, Kamkaran Group, Koma Denge Azadiye Kurdistan (DAK), Koma Rewsen (RWS), Koma Rojhat (RJT), Koma Zelal (ZEL), Koma Agir (AGR), Koma Zinar (ZNR), Koma Berxwedan (BRX), Koma Serhat (SRH), Koma Rozerin (RZR), Koma Azad (AZD), Koma Dilan (DLN), Koma Gulen Xerzan (GLX), Koma Hevi (HEV), Koma Jiyan (JYN), Koma Lawen (LWN), Koma Nalin (NLN), Koma Newroz (NRZ), Koma Rojda (RJD), Koma Sarya (SRY), Koma Sebra (SBR), Koma Sipan Xelat (SPX), Koma Soran (SRN), K Quick Race

The quick race mode of SHOFER Race Driver allows you to play a single race with your own settings. You can choose any car and track that you have unlocked, and adjust the number of laps, opponents, difficulty, weather, time of day, and traffic. You can also enable or disable the rubber band AI and the nitro support features. The quick race mode is a good way to practice your skills or have some fun without worrying about the career mode.

System Requirements of SHOFER Race Driver

Minimum Requirements

To play SHOFER Race Driver on your PC, you need to have at least the following specifications:

  • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, 7, 8

  • Processor: P4 2.0 GHz

  • Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: 256 MB VRAM

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