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Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK 4.9 0: The Ultimate Shark Game with Unlimited Money, Coins, and Private Server

Take control of a hungry shark for a great marine version! Survive as long as possible by eating everything (and all those) you meet! Explore underwater worlds full of exotic and delicious creatures! Collect and shoot mythic sharks like the great white shark, the hammerhead shark and the megalodon! + Unlocks more than a dozen unique sharks and other deep-sea creatures + Explore freely the depths of the ocean like the floor of the cows + Enjoy fabulous 3D graphics and sound effects + Discover and devour the mysterious underwater creatures + Recruit shark babies to reinforce your predatory powers + Equip yourself with fabulous accessories: lasers, jetpacks or top hats!

Hungry Shark Evolution is another super hit version from top game developers Ubisoft Entertainment and it is following the same gameplay like its predecessors. Feed your shark with anything that comes its way from sea creatures to jumping over the beach and directly attacking humans. Take control of some of the very hungry sharks and dive deep into the sea to discover hidden creatures under the sea bed. Meet your targets and unlock more sharks from a variety of upto dozens sharks, each having its own unique abilities and scary looks. Score higher in daily events and earn rewards by staying longer and stable.

download hungry shark evolution mod apk 4.9 0

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