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Ladyboys Bangkok Pics

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ladyboys bangkok pics

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In this image I was determined to capture a dramatic and disturbing rendition of the adult nightlife of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, a short street with go-go bars and 'ladyboys.' I experimented with color grading in Capture One, choosing highlight and shadow tones of mint green and midtones of scarlet pink, hoping to create a Moulin-Rouge Toulouse-Lautrec bizarre unsettling feeling. I am satisfied with the disconcerting result, especially on the main character's face. Your comments are welcomed, good or bad. I did this image for a reaction. If neutral, I failed!

Kathoey is an identity used by some people in Thailand, whose identities in English may be best described as TRANSGENDER WOMEN. Transgender women in Thailand mostly use terms other than kathoey when referring to themselves, such as phuying ('woman'). They are often referred as ladyboys. 041b061a72


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