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Which Sena Bluetooth To Buy [REPACK]

Some helmets come with Bluetooth units already built-in. For those buying one as an aftermarket upgrade, there are lids made to accept certain types of communicators. Product listings should state which type is compatible with your helmet, but our Gear Geeks can also help you confirm fitment.

which sena bluetooth to buy

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If you like the sound of that then this guide will help you decide which type of device you need as it showcases some of the best units on the market in the budget, mid-range and high-end categories.

The HJC products created in partnership with Sena are equivalent in technology, features and functionality to several of Sena's current leading products. For clarification, please see below for a reference of which products are similar to HJC products:

Sena also offers the 50R, which is a very similar device (with the same RRP), but three buttons instead of the three plus a jog dial and ambient button of the 50S, and a slightly lower capacity battery (a claimed drop of one hour talk time); the 50R is described as being the more rugged of the two devices, and was promoted through sponsorship of the 2020 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy, where 100 riders all used it in tough conditions.

In practice, the open Mesh setting will suit almost everyone, and if you are getting any interference, you can switch from the default channel 1 to any of the eight others. You can also set up a private group of up to 24 riders if you prefer, which will always stay paired and be accessible by holding the Mesh button for three seconds.

In terms of Bluetooth capabilities, however, it has multipoint connectivity that allows you to link things like smartphones and GPS units. Battery life is also extremely good, with up to 12 hours of active talk time and several days of standby time. You also get a set of high-definition Boost 2.0 speakers to put in your helmet, a button mic to stick to the inner chin bar area, and a mounting plate that the Go 2 locks onto, which goes on the outer edge of your helmet.

When we said the SENA 5S had trickle-down tech from higher-end comms units, the 50 series is what we were referencing. The SENA 50R is one of three units available (the other two being the jog-dial controlled 50S and the camera-and-comms combination 50C, which has a built-in 4K camera to record your ride with).

The most low-profile of any of the externally mounted Bluetooth headsets. This unit comes with Bluetooth 4.1, which is a significant move forward from the previous comparable Sena units. The 10R replaces the SMH10R, which had Bluetooth 3.0. This means the new 10R will have longer battery life and better connectivity.

Yes and no, there is really only four factors in my opinion that influence this. Firstly, Sena have upgraded their speakers included with the 50 series units. The new speakers are a good sight more bassier and having a higher maximum volume level then the ones included with the Sena 30k. The new iteration also comes with Mesh intercom 2.0 and uses Bluetooth protocol 5.0 which improves your connection stability and audio transfer. The new models now also include a WiFi adapter which allows your units to wirelessly update their firmware and will also manage charging the battery. 041b061a72


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