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Futurama Fans Rejoice: The Best Merch, Games, and Collectibles

Futurama: A Guide to the Galaxy's Funniest Show

Futurama is one of the most popular and acclaimed animated shows of all time, with a loyal fan base, countless memes, and unforgettable quotes. But what makes Futurama so special? How did it come to be? And what are some of the best episodes and characters to watch? In this article, we will explore the history, humor, and heart of Futurama, and why it is still relevant and enjoyable today.


The Origins of Futurama

Futurama was created by Matt Groening, the same genius behind The Simpsons, the longest-running animated sitcom in history. Groening wanted to create a show that was different from The Simpsons, but still had his signature style and satire. He teamed up with David X. Cohen, a writer and producer who had worked on The Simpsons and The Critic. Together, they came up with the idea of Futurama, a show that would parody science fiction tropes and explore the possibilities and problems of the future.

Futurama premiered on Fox on March 28, 1999, with the pilot episode "Space Pilot 3000". The episode introduced the main characters and the premise of the show: Fry, a 20th-century slacker who is cryogenically frozen and wakes up in the year 2999; Leela, a one-eyed mutant who works as a career counselor and later becomes the captain of the Planet Express ship; Bender, a kleptomaniacal, alcoholic robot who befriends Fry; Professor Farnsworth, Fry's distant nephew and the eccentric owner of Planet Express; Amy Wong, a rich Martian intern; Hermes Conrad, a Jamaican bureaucrat; Dr. Zoidberg, a lobster-like alien who serves as the staff doctor; and Nibbler, Leela's cute but mysterious pet.

The Humor of Futurama

One of the main reasons why Futurama is so beloved by fans is its brilliant humor. Futurama is full of witty jokes, clever references, hilarious situations, and memorable quotes that make viewers laugh out loud. Futurama also uses various types of humor to appeal to different audiences and tastes. Some examples are:

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  • Slapstick humor: This involves physical comedy, such as characters getting hurt or doing silly things. For example, Fry getting frozen in the pilot episode, Bender bending things he shouldn't bend, or Zoidberg eating garbage.

  • Parody humor: This involves making fun of or imitating other works of fiction or genres. For example, Futurama parodies Star Trek in "Where No Fan Has Gone Before", Jurassic Park in "Jurassic Bark", or The Wizard of Oz in "Bender's Game".

  • Satire humor: This involves criticizing or mocking aspects of society or culture. For example, Futurama satirizes politics in "A Head in the Polls", religion in "Godfellas", or consumerism in "The Problem with Popplers".

  • Surreal humor: This involves creating absurd or nonsensical scenarios or characters. For example, Futurama features talking heads in jars, giant brains that attack planets, or hypnotic alien frogs.

  • Meta humor: This involves breaking the fourth wall or making jokes about the show itself or its production. For example, Futurama makes fun of its own cancellation in "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", its revival in "Rebirth", or its network in "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular".

The Heart of Futurama

But Futurama is not just about making people laugh. It also has a lot of heart and emotion that make people care about the characters and their stories. Futurama often deals with themes such as friendship, love, family, identity, morality, and destiny. It also shows the characters' growth and development over time.

Futurama has many episodes that touch viewers' hearts and make them cry or smile. Some of the most emotional episodes are: - "Luck of the Fryrish": Fry discovers that his brother named his son after him, honoring his memory. - "The Sting": Leela goes into a coma after being stung by a space bee, and dreams of Fry trying to wake her up. - "The Late Philip J. Fry": Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth travel to the end of time, and Leela leaves a message for Fry in the stars. - "Lethal Inspection": Bender learns that he has a fatal defect, and Hermes helps him find his inspector. - "Game of Tones": Fry revisits his past through a musical code, and gets to say goodbye to his mother. - "Meanwhile": The series finale, where Fry and Leela live a lifetime together in a frozen time. The Best of Futurama

With seven seasons and 140 episodes, Futurama has a lot of content to offer. But which episodes are the best? Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, but here are some of the most popular and acclaimed episodes according to fans and critics:





Hell Is Other Robots

Bender becomes addicted to electricity and joins a robot cult.


The Farnsworth Parabox

The crew travels to parallel universes through a box created by Farnsworth.


Parasites Lost

Fry gets infected by worms that make him smarter and stronger.


I Dated a Robot

Fry downloads a celebrity's personality into a robot and falls in love with her.


The Why of Fry

Fry learns that he was frozen for a reason, and that he is the chosen one to save the universe.


Jurassic Bark

Fry finds his fossilized dog from the 20th century and tries to revive him.


The Late Philip J. Fry

Fry, Bender, and Farnsworth travel to the end of time in a time machine.



The crew is portrayed as different animals in a nature documentary.

The Legacy of Futurama

Futurama has had a lasting impact on pop culture and science fiction. It has influenced other shows, such as Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, or Disenchantment. It has also inspired real-life inventions, such as 3D printing, video calling, or brain uploading. Futurama has also been recognized for its scientific accuracy and creativity, winning several awards and accolades from various organizations and publications.

But perhaps the most important legacy of Futurama is its loyal fan base, who have supported the show through its ups and downs. Futurama was canceled by Fox in 2003, but was revived by Comedy Central in 2008 after strong DVD sales and syndication ratings. Futurama was canceled again in 2013, but has continued to live on through comics, video games, podcasts, fan art, and fan fiction. Futurama fans have also organized conventions, petitions, campaigns, and fundraisers to celebrate and save the show. Futurama fans are known for their passion, dedication, and intelligence, just like the show itself.


Futurama is more than just an animated sitcom. It is a masterpiece of comedy, science fiction, and emotion. It is a show that makes us laugh, cry, think, and dream. It is a show that explores the past, present, and future of humanity and the universe. It is a show that celebrates life in all its forms and possibilities. Futurama is a show that we love.


  • Q: When did Futurama air?

  • A: Futurama aired from 1999 to 2003 on Fox, and from 2008 to 2013 on Comedy Central.

  • Q: Who created Futurama?

  • A: Futurama was created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, who had worked on The Simpsons and The Critic.

  • Q: Who are the main characters of Futurama?

  • A: The main characters of Futurama are Fry, a 20th-century pizza delivery boy; Leela, a one-eyed mutant and the captain of the Planet Express ship; Bender, a kleptomaniacal, alcoholic robot; Professor Farnsworth, Fry's distant nephew and the owner of Planet Express; Amy Wong, a rich Martian intern; Hermes Conrad, a Jamaican bureaucrat; Dr. Zoidberg, a lobster-like alien doctor; and Nibbler, Leela's pet who is actually a highly intelligent being.

  • Q: What are some of the best episodes of Futurama?

A: Some of the best episodes of Futurama are "Space Pilot 3000", "Hell Is Other Robots", "The Farnsworth Parabox", "Parasites Lost", "I Dated a Robot", "The Why of Fry", "Jurassic Bark", "The


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