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Fantastic Contraption: The Ultimate Guide for Building and Sharing Contraptions

fantastic contraption is an innovative building game about construction. players use simple mechanics and the environment to create unique contraptions that should help! you don't have a digital brain, a pile of cardboard or scraps of wood. you have your hands and your imagination. you start by constructing simple blocks that you can flip over the world like lego. then you join them to create structures the goal is to build amazing contraptions.

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imagine the best part of minecraft and the worst part of lego building games. now imagine an infinite procedurally generated landscape that you can explore with your hands and a little imagination. this is what fantastic contraption is. you build with blocks and you move and rotate the world to make incredible contraptions. and everything goes really fast. ever wanted to race your friends to the end of a level? or create a contraption on the spot that impresses people around you? well now you can! we only have 20 levels that are 10 minutes long. after that you can keep exploring, but you wont be able to solve all the puzzles. as we say, theres an infinity of solutions.

if you wish to work on a project or if you want to post on our community, you need to have a registered developer account with you can receive an email with an invite code when you sign up. accept the email and click on the link in the inbox, enter the code and you're ready to go!

toggle the editing mode on to build the ramp you need by selecting and connecting blocks with pipes or by dragging them to the desired location. there is also an inventory and a shell slot. an in-game inventory displays the blocks and pipes you are able to use. the shell is where you will place your blocks. using the controller, you will be able to build and test your contraption with real-time physics and see how it will react. you can also paint the blocks to change the look of your contraption.

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