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Inflow Inventory Premium 251 Keygen 23 [EXCLUSIVE]

once you have downloaded and replaced the inflowinstaller_3.6.1_offline.exe file, we recommend that you go back into the inflow installer and make sure that it's properly configured. for example, if you added the custom currency to the file, then you may need to remove it if you remove the custom currency from the system. simply delete the custom currency column in the product table and make sure that all custom fields for that product are removed. you can also remove the column by going into the inflowinstaller_3.exe options dialog, right-clicking on the column name and selecting delete. you may need to repeat this process for other columns added by the installer.

Inflow Inventory Premium 251 Keygen 23

if this is not the first time you've installed inflow, it's likely that you've already added custom fields to the product and configured the custom currency. in that case, you can continue using those columns and currency for now. once the new version of inflow is stable, we will remove the custom currency. we will release a new installer for inflow that removes the custom currency feature, but we would strongly encourage you to install the new version of inflow in the meantime.

if you have already upgraded to inflow version 3.6.1, the new version may not have your custom fields or the custom currency. we recommend that you back up the file and restore it to get your custom fields back. if you have not backed up your inflowinstaller_3.1_offline.exe file, then you will need to back up and restore that as well.

this is a beta release that fixes a number of issues encountered in the previous beta release 2.1.0. we have improved the speed and reliability of the custom documents, as well as enabled a few other columns to be used, like custom fields for products. we have also fixed some issues that customers were running into when doing client-only installations of inflow, either when patching or installing fresh.


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