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Download The Lord The Rings The Rings Power S01 E08 __LINK__

Speaking to and other press outlets, showrunner Patrick McKay said: "The second season is very much about more rings, you know. I the song at the end, [by] Fiona Apple - which is like a crazy dream come true - there's Three, then there's Seven. Why would the Dwarves be desperate for rings? And how do they get seduced? And how do they get fooled? And then Men is an even more complex story. There are Nine leaders of Men who want power.

Download The Lord the Rings The Rings Power S01 E08


"And so each of those rings and the forging of them is not just like, 'Now the magic thing got made', but is a story to be told. Through at least the earlier seasons of the show, that was always the ambition, and I think there are other stories to be told as well. But certainly, we've kicked it off and next season is gonna go deeper into it." 041b061a72


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