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The Golden Girls has cracked Nielsen's Top 10 Streaming Acquired Programs list at No. 8, putting it just above Shameless and The Thundermans and landing behind Supernatural. About 41% of people who watched the program during the first week of 2022, following White's death on New Year's Eve, were aged 35-49. From Jan. 3 to Jan. 9, all 180 episodes of The Golden Girls were streamed for 384 million minutes on Hulu.

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Betty White was the last surviving actress of the four main cast members of The Golden Girls. Airing for seven seasons between 1985-1992, the show starred White, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, and Rue McClanahan as four women sharing a home in Miami during their golden years. All four lead stars received an Emmy Award for their performances with the sitcom also winning the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series twice.

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The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom which premiered on Fox on December 17, 1989. Having finished its 33rd season in 2022, critical commentary on the show has changed significantly over its run. The Simpsons' golden era is widely considered to be among the most influential media ever produced. Discussion of the show following the supposed "end of the golden era" has been related to the decline in quality, the causes of that change, and possible solutions.

There are many definitions over when the "golden era" of The Simpsons actually ended. This is seen as "the trap that ensnares every discussion of The Simpsons, where ostensible fans end up debating when the show 'started to suck'".[12] The end of the golden era (a noticeable decline in quality) is not the same as when the show stopped being enjoyable to watch. The general consensus is that by season 10 or 11, The Simpsons had definitely started to "suffer",[13] "lose its mojo and become less consistent from week-to-week".[14] Some critics point to season 7, as the point at which a noticeable decline in quality is observed,[15] while others name season 9,[16][17][18][19] season 10,[20][21] and still others say The Simpsons golden era lasted from season 1 to season 10[ambiguous] Others exclude season 1 or both season 1 and season 2, as they argue The Simpsons had not yet found its unique style and was therefore a mixed bag. Vulture described the first two seasons as "wobbly overall, and surprisingly slow and quiet compared to most other seasons", and "practically King of the Hill compared with later seasons" respectively.[14] Viewpoints during the golden era episodes' original run were generally harsher and identified a dip in quality much earlier that what contemporary critics assign. Of season 9's "The Principal and the Pauper", The A.V. Club said, "For years, The Simpsons had enjoyed an enviable hit-to-miss ratio [but the episode] heralded an era of more misses and established a precedent for dramatically changing characters' storylines".[12] said, "most viewers consider [the first 14 seasons of The Simpsons] the essential canon". In its ranking of these seasons, it listed 11-14 as the worst and 3-8 as the best.[14] Its reviews for seasons 11-14 included: "heavy on very broad sight gags and light on memorable character bits", "pretty hit-and-miss...growing increasingly shameless, doing anything for a laugh", "the show's eventual descent into random weirdness isn't quite complete, but it's getting there", and "[it] produc[ed] one good to great episode for every couple of so-so ones". WhatCulture said "for some [the decline in quality] is from season 17 on-wards".[22]

The Simpsons "greatest episode" lists by both fans and staff always tend to heavily favour the earlier seasons, often having little to no post-golden era episodes listed at all. The latest season to be represented is usually seven,[23][24] eight,[25][26] nine,[27][28] ten, or eleven.[21][29][30] In an 11 Best Simpsons Episodes of the 2000s list,[c] the author notes, "pretty much every single episode that's in the discussion for 'Best Simpsons Ever' happened last decade". He added that "The list is...VERY early-2000s heavy... the most recent episode is one from 2006[d] and most come from 2000-2003".[31][e] The Guardian article The Simpsons at 500: your top 10 episodes found it "interesting" and "surprising" that their list based on an opinion poll from their readership resulted in episodes from the first decade,[f] and "only a handful [of the votes] given to...21st century [episodes]".[32] When compiling a list, ranking the 11 Simpsons Christmas episodes from worst to best, author Sam Greenspan pointed out, "YES, I notice too that these basically go from newest episodes to oldest episodes. Just kinda happened that way".[33] When ranking the first 20 seasons of The Simpsons, Chris Morgan of Splitsider filled the top ten slots with the first ten seasons (though not in chronological order).[34]

Golden era Simpsons and post- golden era Simpsons are sometimes counted as two different series. This is because many believe that the two series are nominally the same program, but significantly distinct qualitatively. David Bennun of The Guardian was relieved after watching the show's opening sequence that debuted in 2009,[g] as it was "a long overdue acknowledgment that The Simpsons is not the show it was". He argues that despite the characters and setting remaining the same, "the decline in quality [is] painfully evident".[35]

While accepting that the show either plateaued or declined in quality for about a decade,[44] many critics such as ScreenJunkies argue that "'The Simpsons' are still on the creative upswing sinc[e] The Simpsons Movie".[45][h] Others argue that the improvement happened after the show's move to HD in 2009.[g] According to imdb ratings, season 23 saw a spike in quality after a relative slump at around 7.0 since season 13.[46] During season 23, James Poniewozik of Time described the latest few seasons of The Simpsons as the show's "Silver--or Bronze--Era", saying "it's become more family-focused again, and is still capable of world-class episodes like the recent 'Holidays of Future Passed'. The Simpsons movie too, if you count that, stands up with most of the show's first-decade greatness".[37] The season 23 episodes "Holidays of Future Passed" and "The Book Job" have been highly praised, sometimes being described as on par or reminiscent of the show's golden era. Of the former, The A.V. Club said the show "found a sweet spot that combined a barrage of non-stop jokes with a tenderness often lacking in latter-day Simpsons episodes", and gave it an "A".[47] Of the latter, TV Fanatic said "Wow. That might not have felt like a classic Simpsons episode, but it didn't matter because "The Book Job" was still one the strongest in the series' 23-year history".[48] A season 24 Indiwire review said, "'The Simpsons' is no longer in its prime (though this season has shown marked signs of improvement over some of the other recent years)".[49] Kate Reilly of Geekenstein said that season 24's "Moonshine River" was "certainly one of the most heartfelt episodes in recent years, and it makes good use of its established characters as a source of humor instead of resorting to random gag writing the way Family Guy often does".[50] Alex Strachan of the Calgary Herald said, in his review of season 23's "Treehouse of Horror XXII", "Forget all that talk about The Simpsons being past its prime. Based on tonight's sharp-eyed, keen-witted Treehouse of Horror XXII - funnier, faster and more fright-worthy than last year's dud,[i] thankfully - there's a lot of ink left in the old ink pot yet."[51] Matt Zoller Seitz of Vulture praised season 23 as "the strongest [season] in years; I'd stack it up against season eleven, maybe ten."[9] Rob H. Dawson of TV Equals said season 24's "Hardly Kirk-ing" was "what I want late-period The Simpsons to be. It keeps itself together, plays off the larger extended universe of Springfield without seeming like a parade of "hey, I recognize that guy," and is, most importantly, entertaining." The site adds that the episode "keeps everything pretty tight, in therms [sic] of plotting", something which the show has struggled with in the past.[52]

The 2012 Vulture article Nine Latter-Day Simpsons Episodes That Match Up to the Early Classics listed episodes ranging from season 13 to 23. The author, Matt Zoller Seitz, says it "prove[s] that while The Simpsons can't reinvent TV forever, it can still make us laugh".[114] In a list of 10 of "the most memorable episodes that have been drawn to life over the years", BBC News included season 17 episode "The Monkey Suit", the latest episode after 8th season episode "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show". It said the episode, about the issue of evolution being taught in schools, "shows the writers still have fire in their bellies".[115] John Ortved's 2007 top ten list for funniest Simpsons episode included season 15's "The President Wore Pearls", of which he said "It may seem ludicrous to include anything later than Season 8 in this list, but this one is brilliant. The musical numbers are astoundingly good, and Lisa's comeuppance is so well constructed it harkens back to the golden years of the show".[116] In Top 10: Simpsons Episodes by AskMen, the only honourable mention was to the season 14 episode "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation". In the context of the article, which aims to list the episodes which "best demonstrate why the Simpsons are television icons", this pick "showcas[ed] the series' ability to land A-list talent".[29] The episode was also the most recent one in Entertainment Weekly's top 25 list The Family Dynamic, with the article saying "You've gotta admire a show that lands the greatest names in rock and then gives them as much respect as a brown M&M."[117]


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