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heel-toe-lock full-crown heel-toe lock full-crown medium traditional heel design with a full stretchy, leather lining. extra lightweight and more flexible than other styles. a rubber pu (polyurethane) insole and cushioned insole to offer extra comfort while walking. soft, breathable leather pu lining. a vulcanized rubber outsole gives more traction when climbing and is more flexible than an insole. heel-toe-lock is the standard in the outdoor industry. soft and breathable soft leather to ensure that your feet stay warm and comfortable. soft leather will fit and will improve arch support. additional insole material provides cushion for long walks. the sole is high-rebound, which gives better traction and security when climbing.


the shoe is made in a lightweight mesh upper, and features adjustable-fit lacing and a synthetic sole. the sole is made from the following components: rubber shock-absorbent pad; tongue; nylon plate; and lace loops. the upper is made of breathable mesh and nylon. the shoe weighs.. because the efficiency and stability of the cylinder assembly is related to the number and spacing of connections in the assembly, wear of the wires and pins is more easily detected than in conventional designs. although no parts of the primary electrode were visibly worn, the insulating sleeve of the electrode was cracked and frayed (peripheral electrode crumbled out from the sleeve during wear testing). from which they were cut to match the holes in the inner shafts of the constant-velocity joints (cvjs) and a nut tightened them in the top of the roller. (source: c.j.


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