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Since I had some time the last weeks I set up a spread sheet for every song in ForScore and rearranged my performances in the kemper for a 4 hour set of my coverband. We played our first show two weeks ago and it was so much fun controlling the performance for each song by using the forscore app. Never been that organised before!


One more thing: since I am the only person in the band now using an app like forscore everyone is now asking me for bringing my iPad when we meet to discuss new songs or if we discussed a new setlist Couldnt be happier!

At the same time... wait for word from forscore, then give them crap for not simply providing options for CC values. Forcing people back to HEX for MIDI is archaic! I haven't seen that since the 80's!

If you're a user of the iOS ForScore app, and w0uld like to transfer all your scores, audibles and settings from ForScore on your iPad to ForScore Mini on your iPhone, here are your step by step how-to instructions. You will need:1. Your iPad with the ForScore you want to copy from2. Your iPhone with ForScore mini installed that you want to transfer to3. the dropbox app installed on both that iPad and that iPhone, and signed into the same Dropbox account4. An Internet connection for both devicesPlease note that this process may reorganize any scores you've already put into ForScore mini on your phone, and may mess up set lists already onforscore mini on your phone. It will not change anything on your iPad. Depending on how many scores, audio files and set lists you have, and the speed of your internet connection, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or longer, with most time spent waiting for files to transfer. I've included images from my iPad and iPhone, since you will have different scores, and different content in your DropBox than I do, contents of lists etc. will look a little different on your device. But the steps are all the same. 041b061a72


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