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MTV Unplugged: Bryan Adams Bryan Adams Mp3

it's not so much a top-down challenge, like, 'i have these great musicians who are so good at what they do, let's get them on the album.' they're all my friends, and i already know what they do, and i already know what their playing is like. it's just me, a grand piano, and the songs.

MTV Unplugged: Bryan Adams Bryan Adams mp3

the songs come from a few different places. it's from places in my head, and it's from places that i've seen or heard. songwriting is like an art form. when you get to a certain level, you start looking at something and coming up with different ways to put it together, different chords, different rhythms, and hopefully, come up with a melody. and that's when i started to try and create different ideas about the songs. i didn't want to write a tune that didn't make sense with me, if that makes sense.

i just don't understand. i'm doing this -- the fourth album -- and we haven't heard a single thing from the record company. they've given no time frame for it and they've given no time frame for a new album. they haven't given me a single piece of information. it's almost as if they don't believe that i can make another album. and it's a shame, because i think that i can. i don't think that it's too late, and i have a lot of material left.

so, no, it's not a question of quality. it's a question of time. i'm not gonna go into it on each song, but there's certain songs that i feel that i can get up and sing it with enough conviction that it would be on the next album. and there's some songs that i feel that are too perfect. if i'm doing that, if i'm still doing the songs that i've done in the past, that i'm gonna do, then i can't make an album. for example, if i do a song like do you know how it feels? and it's a number one record and i do something like it, and in ten years, i put out another record, i'm not gonna play do you know how it feels? i'm gonna play doing the things that i don't do because do you know how it feels? has been done before.


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