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Download __HOT__ File

Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button that corresponds to the license type you selected. This will download the Launcher installer to your computer. Depending on your operating system settings, you might be asked to select a save location, or have to approve a security prompt before the download can start.

Download File

Before you install Unreal Engine, make sure you have enough disk space. Requirements vary depending on the engine components you select. The Options screen will show you how much space you need for the installer download, as well as the engine itself.

Click the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. Depending on your system specifications and Internet connection speed, downloading and installing Unreal Engine can take between 10 to 40 minutes, sometimes longer.

MO's profile feature allows the creation of multiple mod builds that rely on the same mod list and mod-level configurations. In other words, if a mod was installed with option 'A', then that mod is only available in this configuration for all profiles under an instance. Profiles can have different mods enabled, separate save games, and game INIs, but the mod configuration is identical among each profile. Different MO-game instances must be used for different mod configurations. For the purpose of this guide, a single mod configuration is all that's needed, so profiles are sufficient. Begin by creating/editing two profiles:

BethINI needs to be run for the current MO profile to establish the configuration files before beginning mod installation. This ensures that all users share a common configuration during the modding process. As such, please do not deviate from the instructions below. Once the guide is complete and things are confirmed to be working, BethINI will be revisited towards the end of this guide to finalize the optimal configuration.

After the vanilla master files are cleaned, they should be moved into the "Cleaned Vanilla Masters" mod in MO, and the original files should be restored into the 'real' "Data" directory in the game folder. This makes Steam happy when "validating" files so that it remains unaware of changes. To move the new files and restore the original files, complete the following:

To quickly and easily restore the original masters, follow the instructions for Verify integrity of game cache. Once that is complete, use Steam to launch the game to allow it to download any missing Creation Club content. This must also be done to reinitialize the game with Steam and allow MO to run configured executables without complaint (Any time Steam 'updates' the game files and actually downloads new files, the Steam manifest (or other Steam config) for the game resets and requires a Steam launch).

As with any mod with an INI configuration, Step recommends creating an 'empty' mod to contain a customizable configuration that will not be overwritten when the mod is updated. The INI file will not be generated until the game is launched, and it should appear in Overwrite. Once that is done later in the guide, revisit this mod and complete the following if it will be customized:

Also install as a separate mod the Odin - Vokrii Compatibility Patch from Optional Files. Installing additional files not under Nexus' "Main Files" section as separate mods preserves their version tracking to keep pace with updates.

NOTE: The Step ENB comes with a recommended enblocal.ini.STEP file. To use this, simply delete the version that ships with ENBSeries, and strip '.STEP' from the file name of the Step version. This is optional and for use with any ENB. Generally, this file is maintained by the end user, but we provide it for convenience, since it has vsync and frame limiter options that should be disabled for Step Guide followers. 041b061a72


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