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Relationships between estimated growth curve parameters of dams and performance traits of their progeny were studied in Angus, Hereford and Shorthorn herds, each divided into four inbred and two noninbred lines. Growth curve parameters were calculated from the growth function Yt=A(1-Be-Kt), where Yt was weight at age t, A was estimated mature weight, B was an estimate related to early life weight changes and provided for a Y-intercept term and K was estimated general rate of maturing. Least-squares analyses of progeny variables were calculated separately for each breed and sex. Line differences did not influence any of the progeny variables except weaning type score of Shorthorn males (P less than .01). Birth year exerted a curvilinear effect on birth weights of Angus female progeny (P less than .01), a linear influence on 205-d weights of Shorthorn male progeny (P less than .05) and a curvilinear effect on weaning type scores of Angus and Shorthorn male progeny (P less than .01). Regression coefficients on weaning age indicated that calves born earlier in the calving season had lighter birth weights and that older calves at weaning received higher type scores. Inbreeding of the progeny negatively influenced (P less than .05) birth weights of Angus male and Hereford female progeny. Hereford male and Shorthorn female 205-d weights were negatively affected (P less than .05) by inbreeding, while weaning type scores of Shorthorn female progeny were negatively influenced (P less than .001) by inbreeding. Regression coefficients of all progeny variables on inbreeding in all analyses indicated negative trends.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

I live in a household with my Beloved and her daughter who is in high school - and this has given me a window into the teenage universe that I never expected. I remember that being a teenager was tough, especially when starting to explore relationships and sexual attraction. Back then, I just tried to suppress my feelings (I don't recommend this). It has been a life journey learning about my sexuality and navigating sharing it with others. I am blessed to often be around emotionally mature, respectful, communicative, sex-positive people. This makes it especially shocking to hear the stories of how young men are treating young women.

I believe we have an education gap: we aren't being taught how to work with our sexuality and how to relate with each other. When I was younger I learned through trial and error, and I'm grateful for the times I was called out on my poor behavior. In schools and at home we are usually only taught about the dangers and to "use a condom". In many churches we are told to do nothing. We have an openly misogynist president. He brags that he can "grab women by the pussy", cheats on his wives with porn stars/models and pays them off - with no repercussions - and he gets more media coverage than perhaps any other president in history. Our young ones are watching this. And teens are getting more input from YouTube and equally immature friends than from all of their family/elders/teachers/guides combined. 041b061a72


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